Taking baby steps towards your vision

Taking baby steps towards your vision

FotoFlexer_Photo rumi quote on visionLife is interesting and exciting when you keep moving towards a vision that challenges you and inspires you to realize your potential.

If you settle for a routine and regular life it may feel comfortable but you may be left with a feeling of wanting more in terms of your being, doing, and achieving.

So if you have had this feeling and you have more inside of you that wants expression, then you are at the right place at the right time.

It may sometimes feel scary to put yourself to doing something that you have never done before but we either get started towards living from our true potential or leave the pursuit completely.  Also, if we have to do it some day then that day can be today.

So this is your life and you can choose to start by taking baby steps. No need to rush as sometimes even thinking of moving in the desired direction can have a very calming effect.

So what you can do as a first step is to take the pen and paper, or, your laptop, or anything to write on and gently allow yourself to drift into your vision that inspires you and makes you feel good even as you only think of the possibility of it becoming a reality.

You will notice that the mere act of thinking about your vision will begin to shift your energy and when you will write it you will begin to align and vibrate more with it at the level of energy.

You can then keep it at a place where you can look at it daily and the more you will think about it, more you will find yourself getting aligned with it.

The vision when given attention has a tendency to begin to mould you in such a way that it becomes possible for you to achieve it.

Vision has the power to take you on a journey that can be challenging, transforming, and inspiring.

So you may begin now on to this wonderful journey and allow your inner vision to unfold itself.

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