One-on-one Coaching Sessions

Heart centered Vision

  • You will become clear about your heart’s vision for life and will get a clarity about your unique gifts and strengths.
  1. Define your life purpose
  2. Tune into your heart’s vision
  3. Turn your vision into goals
  4. Roadmap to achieve your goals

Duration: 8-10 hours (Spread in 4 days of 2 hours session each) FREE Emotional healing and NLP session with this package.Price: Rs. 1990

Benefits: Enhanced focus, motivation, action, and achievement.

Personal Breakthrough

  • Personal breakthrough program is for an overall transformational experience in one area of life that needs to be addressed and where you may be feeling stuck (Ex: Health, Relationships, Job/career, Finances etc). It involves following steps :
  1. Detailed personal history session.
  2. Elicitation and evaluation of values
  3. Release from past negative emotions
  4. Release from limiting beliefs and limiting decisions
  5. Setting and formulating goals for success
  6. Learning how to put goals into your future time line

Duration: 2-4 hours (spread in 2 sessions of 2 hours each) Price: 1190

Benefits: Success in achieving the desired outcome along with greater clarity.

Lead with Confidence

  • You will be able to overcome blocks to your higher self-confidence.
  1. Identify the limiting factor in life
  2. Release this factor from the subconscious mind
  3. Feedback and future pace

Duration: 1-1/2 – 2 hours Price: Rs. 1090

Benefits: Higher confidence, Improved performance, and happiness.

Love in Relationships

  • You will be able to heal your relationships or enhance understanding and communication in relationships by healing old hurts and emotional pain
  1. Identify the negative emotion
  2. Release process
  3. Feedback and future pace

Duration: 1-1/2 – 2 hours Price: Rs. 1090

Benefits: Higher life quality, aids in improving physical health, higher self-management skills and higher ability to deal with emotionally charged situations, more positive attitude towards life, greater sense of control over one’s life.