Importance of being clear about your vision

Importance of being clear about your vision

We often keep hearing about the term “vision” and most of us often wonder about what is a vision and what is the importance of having a vision or being clear about your vision?

Simply put, a vision is a mental picture of what you desire to have or experience in your life. So why is it so important to have a clarity of vision?service1 This is because this is something that inspires and motivates you, makes you feel happy and this is something that you are passionate about and most importantly clarity of your vision helps you to make choices in life that are in alignment with your heart.

Dear friends, life is full of choices and there is a lot of confusion prevailing out here about how to make the best choice in life be it your career, relationship, or growth and development.  Lot of times it is the people around you who influence your choices and if you make choices based on their suggestions chances are that they may not know what you desire in your life.  Also, they may be the people who may be making choices in life to avoid fear and pain rather than to go for what they truly love.

So before you take a decision it is imperative to ask yourself what you want to accomplish in your life.  What makes you happy? What gives you the feeling of satisfaction and fulfilment.

Have a clear vision about your life as Sri Bhagavan beautifully puts it by saying that,”A life without a vision is like a journey without a destination.” When you are not clear about what you want you may fall for anything and it may not serve your highest or best interest. Once you are clear about your vision, your next job is to commit to your vision.

Dear friends, challenges are a part of the journey of life and they only tell you the direction in which you need to learn and grow but they can not be the roadblocks to your success if you commit to them.

Once you commit to your vision then you may encounter fears and limiting beliefs and your mind may often like to take you to the safety of what is tried and tested and what everyone else is doing, but if you copy what everyone else is doing than you are living someone else’s life and you may not be able to enjoy the journey of life as much as when you commit to your vision and grow on the path of realizing it.

You may learn life changing techniques like Neuro Lingusitic Programming or take help from life coaching that is available to help you accelerate on the path of your success and if you are clear about what you want and why you want it and commit to it then you will draw all help in your direction of achieving it.

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