Happiness through awareness

Happiness through awareness

deepak chopra quoteEveryone in this world wants to be happy. We try different means to be happy based on our perceptions about what can make us happy. However, even as we progress in the world doing things that we assume should give happiness and achieving things in life we still feel that we are not yet there.

Then disillusionment sets in. Then we either accept things as they are or struggle against them but nothing really helps to get us what we want the most i.e. happiness, joy, and fulfillment. Well friends rather then going here and there in search of happiness we can all do one small thing, sitting at home, without spending a penny.

What is it?
Want to know??
Well all you need to do is become aware. You may ask what is it that you need to become aware of and how one becomes aware at the first place.

Well, let me answer the second question first. In order to become aware all you need to do is “pay attention”.

Then to answer the first question, what is it that you need to become aware of, you need to become aware of and pay attention to all that wants your attention and that is calling for your attention.

There are many things within us that call for our attention, it may be a strained relationship with a near one or someone at work, it may be a speedy weight gain, or it may be a passion that wants expression. It does not matter how big or small a concern is but all it wants from us is that we “pay attention”. When we go on ignoring it, it becomes stress. The more we avoid it the bigger it becomes. Once we completely pay attention and experience whatever is there in it to experience our awareness would certainly shift. When we experience how something is bothering us and at what level it is bothering then as we get in touch with the pain and fully experience it, a shift happens. In that shifted awareness we have access to all the solutions and when we apply the solutions to the situations we create change and feel happy and fulfilled.

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