• Importance of being clear about your vision

    We often keep hearing about the term “vision” and most of us often wonder about what is a vision and what is the importance of having a vision or being clear about your vision?

    Simply put, a vision is a mental picture of what you desire to have or experience in your life. So why is it so important to have a clarity of vision?service1 Continue reading »

  • Happiness through awareness

    Everyone in this world wants to be happy. We try different means to be happy based on our perceptions about what can make us happy. However, even as we progress in the world doing things that we assume should give happiness and achieving things in life we still feel that we are not yet there. Then disillusionment sets in. Then we either accept things as th...

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  • Taking baby steps towards your vision

    Life is interesting and exciting when you keep moving towards a vision that challenges you and inspires you to realize your potential. If you settle for a routine and regular life it may feel comfortable but you may be left with a feeling of wanting more in terms of your being, doing, and achieving. So if you have had this feeling and you have more inside ...

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