• Importance of being clear about your vision

    We often keep hearing about the term “vision” and most of us often wonder about what is a vision and what is the importance of having a vision or being clear about your vision?

    Simply put, a vision is a mental picture of what you desire to have or experience in your life. So why is it so important to have a clarity of vision?service1 Continue reading »

  • Consciously choosing the focus

    Life is an ever changing experience and some times things go our way and some times they don’t. So what  can we do when things don’t go the way we want them to?

    It is easy to get depressed or unhappy over something that happened or did not happen. Though it may not be possible for us to change the outside situation but you can change how you feel about it.

    This is because it is all about you changing how you experience something within you rather than trying to control and change the outside situations.

    So how to do that? Continue reading »

  • Do you want to achieve something but lack the drive? You can change that now.

    Have you ever experienced wanting to take centre stage to dance or to share your views on something but you felt blocked in your tracks due to a lack of confidence?

    Do you sometimes want to take an initiative at your work place to drive a change or in your community, or place where you live and yet you end up not taking the initiative as there is a voice in your head that stops you from taking that initiative?


    At many points in life we all experience moments when we want to do something but lack the drive to do it. This stops us from living our life from our full potential. Continue reading »

  • Moving to the next level of reality

    It is a natural human desire to experience a higher reality of life than where we presently are. Who would not like to be wealthier, healthier, happier, more beautiful, more intelligent, more powerful, or more fulfilled in life? It is indeed possible to shift your reality to the next level of experience which would be a higher experience in all dimensions....

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  • Accessing love

    For every human being love is a prerequisite for life. Life cannot be imagined without love. A life devoid of love cannot qualify to be really called as life because love is the highest experience of life, be it the love of our parents, spouse, friends, children, or the society. The reality however is that this experience often eludes us. Therefore, it is ...

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