A Meeting with Peace

A Meeting with Peace

143682731_1a7ce1ad26On a beautiful highway road on the lush green fields I once met peace sitting on a stone looking so peaceful and serene.

A beauty that emanated from her entire being. Stunned and marveled at the sight of her I went to her and asked curiously, “Aren’t you peace?” She nodded with an affectionate smile and said in her peaceful voice, “Yes, I am.”
I went closer and asked, “Please do tell me what makes you so peaceful. Why are you called peace?”

She looked at me with compassion and said, “I am neither right nor I try to be.” Then she fell into her peaceful silence and looked into my eyes and smiled the kindest smile that I had ever witnessed. I could feel the lightness within resonating with her words and the silence filling me. I bowed and left filled with a deep silence, gratitude, and love.

I woke up to a bright day. It was a beautiful dream but the words echoed in my consciousness, “I am neither right nor I try to be.” There is peace all around and the whole universe seems to be singing this song vibrating with peace.


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